As of right now, EVERY.FAN.COUNTS.

The lease is up, the roof is down, our players are about to be locked out and there’s a chance none of that matters in a year, because the Vikings could be gone. It’s time for we, the fans, to take matters into our own hands and do everything we can to keep the Vikings in Minnesota.


Vikings fans and members of SavetheVikes.org are setting the bar, asking every single fan to reach out to their lawmakers and ask for help finding a stadium solution to keep the Vikings in Minnesota. We need YOUR help to spread the word to your family, friends, coworkers and fellow fans.


Do we want a stadium in Minneapolis or Arden Hills? We’ll take either as long as it isn’t in Beverly Hills. Our local unemployment rate among the labor trades is more than 20 percent, and we need the 13,400 jobs that stadium construction creates.

The NFL Lockout gives Lawmakers an easy out to kick the can down the road. If we wait to build, we lose the team. Send a message to your lawmakers telling them it’s time to put our tradesmen and women back to work, lockout or no lockout.


Our stadium doesn’t have a roof and our lawmakers don’t seem disturbed. The Vikings are a local cultural icon and economic asset. More than 70 percent of televisions in Minnesota tune into Vikings games every fall Sunday. Generations of Minnesota families travel to games together or get together to watch the Vikings play each week – and we are at risk of losing all of it. We need your help now more than ever! It’s time to tell your lawmakers how much the Vikings mean to us.


Do your part by clicking on the “Act Now!” link below and use the automated tool to send a message to your State Representative and State Senator. After a few short clicks an email will be sent to your State legislators. Then, you will be brought to a final page where you can refer your friends, family and fellow fans via email to do the same!

For the first time in years we have a Minnesota Governor who wants a stadium resolution. This will be our last chance in years to act, so please click on the act now button below to email your lawmakers, because EVERY.FAN.COUNTS.

Act Now! Click here to send a message to your state reps!

Cory Merrifield

Founder/Fan Advocate


About the Author

Founder and author of SavetheVikes.org. Born and raised in MN, Cory has been a lifelong Vikings fan. Season ticket holder, stop by and see him in section 218! cory.merrifield@savethevikes.org