Vikings Stadium Public Hearings: When, Where and Who

With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas in front of us, we are now in the holiday time known as Vikings Stadium Festivus. And just like Christmas, it’s being advertised everywhere-on television, radio, newspapers and the internet. Long before black Friday and cyber Monday there was Purple Friday and Vikings hangover Monday.

The Vikings media effort to solicit help from the fans has been well received by the Legislature who are holding two public hearings over the next two weeks. Please plan to attend, at least in part, if not all of these public hearings to show your support for keeping the Vikings in Minnesota.

Hearing 1 – Stadium Location

Senate Tax and Local Government and Elections Committees (Joint Committees)
November 29, 2011
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
State Capitol, Room 15

The first hearing is meant to focus on where the public thinks the best location for a Vikings stadium is. We expect to hear from experts on the Vikings side as to why the Ramsey County/Arden Hills Twin Cities Army Ammunition site is a very viable option. We have also received word that officials from Minneapolis will also be on hand to testify as to why one of their three sites is the best location for the new home of our favorite football team.

As with any public hearing we do expect to hear from opposition on a Vikings stadium and given the time slot, the advantage goes to opponents. We typically see those who are unemployed or on a fixed income advocating against a new stadium because the government isn’t giving them enough. All while the majority of the Vikings 2.5 million fans are working.

IT IS IMPERATIVE FOR VIKINGS FANS TO SHOW UP AND SUPPORT THE STADIUM EFFORT! If nothing else, come down over your lunch hour from 11:30-1pm or come down from 9-10am and go into work late.

Hearing 2 – Financing Options

Senate Tax and State Government Innovation and Veterans Committees (Joint Committees)
December 6, 2011
12:30 – 6:00 p.m.
State Capitol, Room 15

The first thing we notice about the second hearing is that the time frame is an hour and a half longer than the site hearing. We presume that this will be the more contentious of the two with several different ideas’ being presented on financing options: The Memorabilia tax, user based fan fees, Racino, the “but for” argument, etc.

We also expect most of the Tribal Casino’s 40+ lobbyists on hand to testify against gambling as a funding mechanism in order to preserve the Tribal monopoly on slot machines. With 70 percent of Minnesotans supporting Racino as a funding source for a Vikings stadium it is imperative that fans attend this meeting!

If nothing else, fans can take a late lunch or leave work early to attend this very important meeting to keep the Vikings in Minnesota.

If you absolutely cannot make the meeting, please take a moment to email your lawmakers using our effortless Legislative contact tool!

Here are some numbers to keep in mind as you speak to people about the Vikings stadium effort

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