Final Stadium Vote Today – Please Act Now!

Great news on the stadium front! With the bill passing in the Senate last night 38-28, the Vikings final stadium bill is being negotiated in Conference Committee and will be put to a vote this afternoon in both House and Senate! Discussion of the bill starts as early as 1pm and will carry into the evening.

This is it fans, this is the day where we learn if the Vikings remain in Minnesota or end up going to Los Angeles! We need you to call and email your lawmaker NOW asking them to vote YES on the Vikings stadium bill!

It’s a tight turnaround but fans can contact their Senator this morning one of two ways. Since we are short on time fans can contact their Representative and Senator on the same email using our Legislative contact tool by clicking here. Their phone numbers will be provided after you send the email so please follow up with a call telling them it is NOW OR NEVER!

You can also send a personalized email by locating your Representative and Senator by clicking here.

It will also be helpful if you could please email the members of the Conference Committee today! Remember, these are the Chief bill sponsors and their friends who all voted yes on the stadium bill and are tasked with negotiating the final terms and conditions of the stadium bill. Please be complimentary and polite.

House Members: Rep. Morrie Lanning, Rep, Terry Morrow, Rep. Joe Hoppe

Senate Members: Sen. Julie Rosen, Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, Sen. Roger Reinert

Copy and paste these addresses into your Hotmail, Outlook and other email editors:;;;;;

Copy and paste these addresses into your GMAIL editor:,,,,,

Here are some talking points to consider including: 

• The Vikings are a cultural and economic asset that needs to be preserved by building a new stadium

• The Vikings generate $20-30 million in annual tax revenue to the state of Minnesota

• This bill contains no general tax funds

• The state portion being funded by electronic pull tabs has been verified and validated by the Department of Revenue, Royal Bank of Canada and Goldman Sachs


Your support is critical to keep the Vikings, to keep Minnesota a competitive regional player and to have a state of the art facility we the public can use the other 353 days a year!

Thank you for your continued support!

Cory Merrifield
Founder/Fan Advocate

About the Author

Founder and author of Born and raised in MN, Cory has been a lifelong Vikings fan. Season ticket holder, stop by and see him in section 218!