Vikings fans urged to contact Minneapolis City Council

Yesterday was a great day in Minnesota, made possible by you and your fellow Vikings fans! I want to send a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart; it is with your support that yesterday’s bill signing by Governor Mark Dayton was made possible.

Since the Senate voted-and approved-the Vikings stadium bill, the talk of the town has been the unrelenting pressure from the fans to get a stadium deal done! Lawmakers reported thousands of emails in 24 hour periods. I have never been more proud than I am right now of you Vikings fans!

It was barely a month ago we stood up and shouted on fourth down after the House Government Ops committee tried to send the Vikings to Los Angeles. The Vikings stood their ground, and so did you. With some help from the NFL Commissioner and the Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney we took over on downs and mounted the final offensive drive that will keep the Vikings in Minnesota for most of our children’s lives.

 The only thing standing between us and putting a shovel in the ground is the Minneapolis City Council who meets next week to take their final vote on the Vikings bill. Please plan on being at Minneapolis City Hall on Thursday May 24th at 10am for the Intergovernmental Relations committee and then for the City Council meeting on the bill, Friday at 9:30am for their vote.

Currently we have seven City Council members who have committed to voting for the bill. Fans should contact them thanking them for their support.

·         Barb Johnson – 612.673.2204

·         John Quincy  - 612.673.2211

·         Sandy Colvin Roy – 612.673.2212

·         Diane Hofstede – 612.673.2203

·         Don Samuels – 612.673.2205

·         Meg Tuthill – 612.673.2210

·         Kevin Reich – 612.673.2201

We also ask that you politely try and court the remaining Minneapolis City Council members support for the stadium.

·         Gary Schiff – 612.673.2209

·         Cam Gordon – 612.673.2202

·         Robert Lilligren – 612.673.2206

·         Lisa Goodman – 612.673.2207

·         Elizabeth Glidden – 612.673.2208

·         Betsy Hodges – 612.673.2213


Here are a few talking points to consider:

·       There are no new taxes imposed on the City of Minneapolis

·       The Convention Center tax that will be utilized is a State tax, not a City tax

·       As part of the negotiated package, the Target Center will come off of City payroll which will lower property taxes for Minneapolis residents

·      The new stadium will be used all year round for events which will help support the $1 Billion Hospitality industry in Minneapolis


While we have been celebrating our recent legislative successes, we don’t want to overlook the Minneapolis City Council. Please reach out to its members and ask your friends to do the same! We are almost one week away from keeping the Vikings for another 30 years!


Thanks again for all of your support!

Vikings Stadium Minneapolis City Ward Breakdown

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