Support Lawmakers In Primary Tomorrow That Supported Vikings Stadium

Vikings fans and friends,

 After a much needed break is back with an update on what you can expect from us over the next few months. Elections, events and a full website redesign are some of the exciting things in store. Of course, Vikings football got started on Friday meaning the NFL season is almost here!

 With football season kicking off that means another type of football is around the corner, political football.

 Primary Vote Tomorrow

 This November, our lawmakers who supported the Vikings stadium are going to have to defend their vote. Some of these lawmakers are facing a primary vote against challengers who want to see them thrown out of office for supporting the Vikings stadium. is partnering with Vikings fans across the state to support those lawmakers that supported our team! I am asking you to consider voting for your lawmaker that worked to see that the Vikings remained in Minnesota and that fans have a world class facility to bolster our purple pride.

You can find your lawmaker by going here. Once you have identified who they are, you can see if they voted for the stadium by going here.

Please vote for your incumbent lawmaker in your primary election tomorrow (Tuesday August 14th) that voted for the Vikings stadium. You can find your polling place by going here.

You can also make a difference by donating $25, $50 or even $100 if you can spare it. If you can’t donate, no worries! There are several other opportunities to help your lawmaker. You can put a sign in your lawn, volunteer to be on their campaign, door knock in your neighborhood asking people to vote for them and finally, forward this email to your friends and neighbors asking them to help.

Vikings Voter Matrix 8-11-12

New Stadium Authority and Stadium Implementation Committee

 Bet you’re wondering, when is the stadium going to be built? In order to build the stadium, you have to have the footprint and design plans to pinpoint where to break ground.

Recently, two new committees were formed to oversee the design, planning and building of the new Vikings stadium. First was the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA) which is comprised of five members who were appointed by Governor Mark Dayton and Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. The state authority is chaired by Michele Kelm-Helgen and former MSFC Executive Director Ted Mondale was named the Executive Director of the new sports authority. Public testimony is taken at every meeting so fans are welcome to attend and provide input.

The second committee is the Stadium Implementation Committee (StIC) which is comprised of Minneapolis council members, business stakeholders, neighborhood representatives and founder Cory Merrifield. The city committee is chaired by Mayor Rybak, Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson and co-chaired by David Wilson of Accenture and Tom Fisher of the University of Minnesota. The mission of the StIC is to bring forward ideas from fans and the community surrounding the stadium regarding development, fan plaza and stakeholder experience (fancy term for “game day experience”).

PLEASE NOTE: Public testimony is not taken at the StIC meetings; however fans are welcome to attend and encouraged to submit their ideas for tailgating, fan plaza and activities occurring outside of the stadium to both Mayor Rybak and Cory Merrifield of STV.Org. You can contact them at and respectively. When emailing please put “Game Day Experience” in the subject line to give it priority.

 The MSFA meets every third Friday in the Halsey Hall room at the Metrodome at 9am with the next meeting August 24th. The StIC meets the third Monday of every month at 4pm on the third floor of Minneapolis City Hall with the next meeting being Monday September 17th.

So, when will we break ground on the stadium? It is expected design and planning will be completed mid-2013 and we’ll break ground in August of 2013. Stadium completion is expected before the Vikings 2016 season.

Vikings Road Game Parties on CRAVE Rooftop

Looking to find a place to get together with your fellow Vikings fans when the team is on the road? This season, is teaming up with Jay Tappe (DJ Strangelove), famed organizer of the Brett Favre and stadium billboards in Mississippi and St. Paul, MN to bring you a rooftop party like no other!

CRAVE rooftop is opening up its rooftop during Vikings games exclusively to fans! The place will be packed with big screen TV’s, drink and food specials, Vikings cheerleaders and other special guest appearances to be announced.

When the Vikings are away, make plans with your friends to come watch them play on CRAVE’s rooftop downtown Minneapolis on Hennepin and 9th street.

Website Redesign

Updates will be coming fast and furiously over the next few years and we’ll continue to keep you informed of everything you want and need to know! Starting in September, will be getting a facelift and full website redesign so you can see all the documents, news and pictures that our state and city officials are putting out in relation to the stadium. We also want to make sure you have the accurate data needed to help reelect the lawmakers who helped us get our new home for the Minnesota Vikings.

Great things are happening and we’re going to be sure and bring them to you as they do! Thanks for your continued support!

Cory Merrifield
Founder/Fan Advocate

P.S. Looking for me on twitter? @SavetheVikesOrg was changed to @SavedTheVikes. Please give me a follow!

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Founder and author of Born and raised in MN, Cory has been a lifelong Vikings fan. Season ticket holder, stop by and see him in section 218!