Stadium Bill

Below is the final legislation that was passed out of conference committee on May 9th, 2012 and voted for, and passed, on the House and Senate floor. This document governs how the stadium is financed, where it will be built, encompasses affirmative action metrics that need to be met and defines the relationship between the Minnesota Vikings, the City of Minneapolis and the newly formed Minnesota Stadium Facilities Authority.

Vikings Stadium Bill – Final Version

Before the final bill passed, there were several other ideas and proposed legislation floating around the Capitol. Here are a few of them… founder Cory Merrifield has researched a way to fund a Vikings Stadium that’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Loaded with financial scenario’s, this proposed method of financing a new “People’s Stadium” secures the Vikings in Minnesota for another 30 years.

We are excited to show the details of this potential legislation for the following reasons:

  • Creates 25,000 jobs in Minnesota, 10,000 of which would be permanent after stadium is constructed
  • Pays for itself while generating $5 million annual profit, contributing $32 million total to State of Minnesota general tax fund until paid off

As you progress through the bill, you will notice footnotes that reference our source data in the appendix of the presentation. I welcome any questions or requests for confirmation/source data proving our proposed bill’s viability. Any questions/conversations in written/verbal format will remain confidential.

***Please note: This was designed with the Metrodome site in mind. However the major finance components of this bill could be applied to any location should Legislators see fit.***

Thanks again for considering the people of Minnesota’s wishes to keep the Vikings in Minnesota, and doing so in a fiscally responsible manner!

SaveTheVikesBill FINAL 4-2-11

During the summer of 2011 a group of individuals that helped architect the Target Field stadium for the Twins put together their vision for a Vikings stadium at the Farmers Market site in Minneapolis, turning the Metrodome site into a medical campus and creating a stretch along the Light Rail into “The Corridor”.

This plan by Albersman & Armstrong with assistance from Bruce Lambrecht puts forward a vision for Metropolitan Entertainment Commission that with authority from the Legislature pools the financial resources of existing tax revenues to maintain and create sports, convention and entertainment venues and facilities. was not involved in the development plan but applaud’s the efforts of Albersman, Armstron and Lambrecht trying to bring forward a solution to keep the Vikings in Minnesota.

Farmers Market Plan-The Corridor – 11-03-2011